‘Muuuum, I’m bored!’

‘Play with your toys!’

‘I’ve played with them all already!’

‘Read a book!’

‘That’s boring!’

Does this conversation (or a variant of it) sound familiar? If so, you may just be a parent. Kids’ boredom happens to all of us, so don’t worry, you’re not alone! However, knowing you’re not alone is one thing— knowing what to do when this inevitable event comes up is another.

Whether your kids can verbalise their boredom or not, it’s pretty easy to tell when they’re getting restless and looking for some excitement. And you know you have to do something quickly before they take their energy and turn it into something destructive! You don’t want that energy to become directed towards an impromptu band rehearsal featuring your very own pots and pans, but you also don’t want them to stare at a screen all day, either.

Thankfully, Eltham has playgrounds aplenty to take the kids to so they can burn off all their excess energy, get some healthy exercise, and maybe do some socialising while they’re there. And hey, you can get some socialising in with the other parents there for the exact same reason— it’s a win/win for everybody!

This blog takes you on a tour of Eltham’s best playgrounds that will delight and amuse kids of all ages during the upcoming spring and summer months. Whether you’re looking for somewhere new to explore or even just a reminder of the amazing kids’ playgrounds, sports parks, and local parks we have here in Eltham, read on to find out where to go next!

  1. Eltham North Adventure Playground

When adventure is the order of the day, you’ll find it being served up at the aptly-named Eltham North Adventure Playground. This may easily be the best playground in all of Melbourne, and it’s right here in our backyard! We were all devastated when the original Eltham Adventure Playground was destroyed by a fire in 2017, but nothing stops a community like ours from rebuilding.

Today, the newly-constructed Eltham North Adventure Playground is a modern play space that caters to all. Not only does it include the kids’ playground itself, but it also has a wide range of amenities that will keep the whole family happy. Along with the newly-built equipment, you’ll find a bike trail, public toilets, shade, BBQs, picnic tables, shelters, and more! This local park is a great place to celebrate a birthday, baby shower, or another event, and is just an all-round amazing place to spend time with family and friends.

Located on The Parade in Eltham North, this kids’ playground is an inclusive haven for kids of all ages and abilities. It has everything a young person needs to let their imagination run wild, from the collection of cubbies for playing house through to the double flying fox that will have the kids squealing with delight. The liberty swing is a swing for wheelchair users and has proven very popular. To access the swing, you can borrow a key for your visit or purchase one to keep. To enquire about a key, see the nearby Edendale Farm between 9:30 am and 4:30 pm daily.

Eltham North Adventure Playground is just one of the many attractions in this reserve. While the Edendale Community Environment Farm is nearby, the local sports clubs are as well, as is the Eltham North dog park. Yes, even your four-legged furry children can exercise and socialise on this family fun day out! When you want action and adventure for the whole family, Eltham North Adventure Playground is the place to go.

  1. Copper Butterfly Playspace

If you (or your kids!) have noticed that so many kids’ playgrounds are all carbon copies of one another, Copper Butterfly Playspace is here to mix it up. This local park features a safe playground for younger kids to explore or those looking for a more relaxed way to play.

Plus, it pays homage to the Eltham Copper Butterfly, a now-endangered butterfly with bright copper colouring on its wings. Today, annual surveys are conducted with the help of volunteers in an effort to find out how many of these butterflies are in the local area. It’s a great way to teach your kids about nature, flora, and fauna, all while having a fun time on the equipment.

Inclusivity was an important factor when designing Copper Butterfly Playspace. The alphabet frieze also features Auslan and braille so that children of all abilities can learn their ABCs as they play, and maybe even pick up another language while they do so.

Meanwhile, the play equipment itself is as beautiful as it is accessible. The butterfly design of the equipment will delight the kids (and adults, too!) with its unique looks and ease of accessibility. As well as the butterfly climbing panels, there’s a sensory corner with a water source and sandpit, a twin flying fox, and a single tunnel slide that is proving especially popular.

When they’ve tired themselves out from playing, you can take the opportunity for education by exploring the art pieces and information boards that explain the lifecycle of the Eltham Copper Butterfly. And if you come on a Sunday you’re in for an extra special treat as the Diamond Valley Railway delights train-lovers! You can find this safe playground in Eltham Lower Park, just south of the Diamond Valley Railway.

  1. Alistair Knox Park

Alistair Knox Park is a popular spot for family fun. The kids’ playground inside the park sits just south of the Eltham Library and Shillinglaw Café, making it a great place to visit before or after checking out some reading material. Plus, the charming café will keep hungry tummies happy (and tired parents caffeinated!).

When you plan a day out at Alistair Knox Park, you’re definitely going to need the whole day. The kids’ playground is a hit among kids of all ages and gives an air of Australiana with its beautiful gum trees nearby. The kids could easily be occupied for hours in the creative play space with its walkways, slides, hanging discs, rising step bridge, and more! The main structure also features a tunnel, steering wheel, scrambling wall, shop front, and monkey bars, proving that it really is the space with it all.

There are also large wooden carvings featuring animals like an owl and a platypus, as well as a big tree stump seat that’s a great place to take photos. You’ll also want to get photos of the kids jumping across the rocks, spinning on the donut, and of course, making music on the musical equipment. And then there’s the birds nest swing and the family-sized see-saw— phew! To top off all the fun there are areas to relax and unwind in the shaded areas and enjoy the use of the BBQs and the picnic tables.

After a day at Alistair Knox Park, the kids are nearly guaranteed to sleep well that night (as are you!). Add it to your itinerary and visit this local park with its amazing kids’ playground at 829 Main Road, Eltham.

  1. Eltham Lower Park Playground

Eltham Lower Park Playground is just a hop, skip, and jump from Copper Butterfly Playspace. In fact, it was the original playground in Eltham Lower Park before Copper Butterfly Playspace was built! As a result, it’s perhaps not as popular as it once was, but that can easily be a good thing. This kids’ playground could easily be the best playground in Eltham due to the fact it’s not as popular as its big sibling!

That isn’t to say there’s nothing fun here– nope, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. This kids’ playground features a wave slide, abacus, steering wheel, chain bridge, and chain traverse. But that’s not all! You’ll also find swings, a wagon springer, a ladder with half circles, a spider web climbing frame, monkey bars, a small flying fox, and even a colourful little forest of butterflies.

You can watch the kids play from the shade that the large shade sail provides over the table and BBQ area. Thanks to all of the gum trees around, the kids won’t become too overheated while playing, either! If you’re looking to take your kids somewhere that reminds you of your own childhood, Eltham Lower Park Playground is the best playground to head to. You can find it on Hohnes Road in Eltham as part of Eltham Lower Park.

Explore And Adventure With The Kids In Eltham

When the kids are begging you to take them somewhere new and fun, there’s no shortage of playgrounds in Eltham to let their imaginations run wild. Excess energy and complaints of boredom will be a thing of the past no matter which kids’ playground you go to, and because there are so many, you could go to a new one each day! Between accessible playgrounds, dog parks, and local parks with easy access to amenities and local attractions, the kids will never be bored again. Get out and explore Eltham’s parks today!