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Patty Smiths brings a unique twist to the humble burger. They take each handmade patty and press them into a custom-built cast iron hot plate, making them perfectly and evenly cooked. The team at Patty Smiths firmly believe that the patty is the driving force behind the ultimate burger, so they go to great lengths to ensure they’re just right.

Not only are the patties cooked just how we like them, but they’re also made from high-quality ingredients such as Wagyu beef, and are coated in the signature dark golden crust for a beautiful crunch. Slide these inside fresh buns with delicious additions like salad and cheese, and you’ve got yourself one mighty meal. They even cater for gluten-free needs, and vegetarians and vegans too!

Visit Patty Smiths in Eltham for a memorable burger (or three) that will make you want to come back time and time again!