Welcome to Eltham Sings – A singing competition in the heart of Eltham Town!

Welcome to the finale of Eltham Sings, a dazzling showcase of talent, passion, and vocal ability! This highly anticipated event brings together aspiring singers from all walks of life, creating an electrifying atmosphere that captivates audiences and celebrates the art of music.

The Eltham Sings competition was open to singers of all ages and backgrounds, attracting a diverse array of talent. From seasoned professionals to undiscovered gems, each contestant seen on stage at the finale has a unique story to tell through their music. The competition included singers from various genres, including pop, rock, R&B, country, and jazz, allowing participants to showcase their individual style and vocal range.

The grand finale of Eltham Sings will be a breathtaking spectacle, where the top finalists of each of the 5 categories give their all in their last chance to win over the hearts of the audience, vying for the ultimate prize – to be crowned the winner!

We invite you to come along with friends and family, support our local traders and grab yourself some tasty treats to eat. Get ready to be swept away by the magic and emotion as the remaining Eltham Sings finalists perform live for you in Eltham Town Square on Saturday, 21st October 2023, from 1 pm – 5 pm!

It’s not too late to register, please click on this link to submit your registration!

Eltham Sings 2023 Registration Form

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    Eltham Sings Eligibility

    1. There will be 5 categories – Tiny Tots (up to 5 years), Primary (5-12 years), Secondary (13-18 years), Young Adult (18 – 25 years) and Adult (26+ years)
    2. Open to performers from Eltham and surrounding areas.
    3. Singers cannot be signed to a record or publishing label.
    4. The people attending the event will be the Judges for the Eltham Sings event.
    5. The most number of votes will win or place
    6. Winners will be awarded an Eltham Town gift voucher
    7. Singers must be available to perform at the Eltham Sings event on Saturday 21st, October 2023 at an allocated time slot between 1 pm – 5 pm.
    8. All singers competing in the event must be available for a briefing prior to the event. Date to be advised.
    9. If performers do not turn up or are late to the event, they will be disqualified.
    10. A basic stage setup is provided on the day. Audio Equipment will be supplied that includes a mic/stand and 1 x bass amp. Other than that, you will require your own instruments, including a keyboard set up if required.
    11. Singers must supply a stage plot (template provided upon registration) to help the audio engineers with the line-up and specs on request.
    12. Singers are expected to tailor their performances appropriately for an under 18s audience.
    13. All material presented is to be original or original artist properly acknowledged.
    14. Singers will have 15 minutes of performance and 10 minutes of setup/changeover. Times may be altered if unforeseen situations arise. Singers may be interrupted if they go over their allocated time and points may be deducted from their scores.
    15. The final decision is final and will not be altered.
    16. Singers will be selected from their demo link which should be supplied upon application. A total of 5 singers per category will be selected from these links. Demos can be a link to a YouTube or Social Media recording/video, Cloud File (e.g. Google Drive, Dropbox etc.), or any other recording of your music (partial or full) that is accessible via a link.
    17. Due to the popularity of the contest, absolute preference is given to bands from the Nillumbik region. Other outside area bands will only be considered if places are available.
    18. Organisers take no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged equipment. Do not leave it unattended at any time.
    19. Participants indemnify Eltham Chamber of Commerce and its agents for any actions, claims, or demands of any kind resulting in personal injury, property loss or actions of singers. Singers are advised to seek their own legal advice on their personal insurance requirements.
    20. Singers (and their parent/guardian if under 18 years) agree to allow information, photos, and video taken at events and recording sessions to be used for advertising or promotional purposes.