Hello, and welcome to Ferguson Plarre! I’m Michael, and my wife Linda and I run this fantastic bakehouse right here in the heart of Eltham. We’ve been bringing smiles, sweets, and savouries to Eltham locals and visitors alike since March 2022— and trust me when I say we’re just getting started. If you thought our bakery couldn’t possibly get any better than it is today, watch this space!

I’m an energetic, helpful person who thrives on making connections with customers. Linda is much the same, and we’re both passionate about customer service and creating a positive environment all around. Ferguson Plarre is perfect for us in those ways, and we couldn’t be happier to be running this renowned bakehouse in the beautiful, family-oriented Eltham.

In addition to offering delicious sweets and savouries that bring a smile to everybody who takes a bite, we take our commitment to customer service very seriously. We’ve invested a lot of time and energy into what we love most about the hospitality industry, taking dedication to a whole new level to become industry experts.

We decided on Ferguson Plarre through a long, drawn-out series of discussions about the different franchise opportunities. Ultimately, Ferguson Plarre was the only option that we truly considered, so we hopped on it. We couldn’t resist such a well-known brand with high-quality products and a history of business success.

Learning all about the wide range of Ferguson Plarre products was slightly challenging at first— there are a lot of them!— but we don’t back down from a challenge. We learnt them all inside and out and gained invaluable confidence to run the business on our own. We’re so happy we did, as now we have a base of kind, polite, and caring customers that make us smile in return. We make sure we understand our customers’ needs well— not only to bring them the best products possible but also so they’re happy to spread the word that Ferguson Plarre is in Eltham just can’t be missed!

If you’re looking for a scrumptious snack, delicious lunch, or a yummy cake or coffee, come in and visit our team today at 10 Commercial Place in Eltham.

Visit Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse Eltham today!