Join the exciting adventure of finding the butterfly in our captivating Eltham Town shop window displays! This engaging activity is designed to spark the curiosity and imagination of children, providing them with a delightful challenge.

As the you walk the streets of Eltham Town, you will be delighted by the Christmas shop window artwork created by local artist Angharad Neal-Williams. Enjoy the vibrant colours, intricate decorations, and enchanting butterfly-themed art.

Locate the hidden butterfly amidst an array of delightful creations.

Once you have located all 20 butterflies in the shop windows, please pop into Harvest Eltham (20 Luck St, Eltham) for your small treat.

This campaign will run from Friday 1st December to Friday 22nd December 2023.

Prepare for a delightful challenge as kids embark on this thrilling quest to find the butterfly in the shop window!

Download the Copper Butterfly PDF