Whether you’re new to a particular exercise, new to Eltham, or new to exercise in general, it can be difficult to know which fitness centre could be right for you. You need to find one that will accommodate your needs and goals— physical and otherwise— and that offers the style of exercise you want to get into (or continue).

If you’re a swimmer, you’ll be looking for gyms with pools. If you’re into lifting weights and gaining strength, you might be looking for a personal trainer. If you’re a yogi, you’re probably looking for a yoga class or a yoga studio, or you may be looking into trying Pilates.

In addition to finding a fitness centre that offers the type of burn you and your body want to feel, you need to make sure the gym you select fits your lifestyle. If you want to get your Pilates class done and dusted early in the morning before work, you’ll need to make sure your Pilates studio offers the type of class you want at a time that fits in with your schedule. On the other hand, if you prefer to work out at the end of the work day or even later in the evening, a 24-hour fitness centre may be best for you.

Whatever the type of gym centre, fitness trainer, Pilates studio, or yoga class you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it right here in Eltham!

This blog explores 5 of the best fitness centres in Eltham, from laid-back yoga flows to intense workouts with a gym trainer. Whatever your style, there’s a fitness centre to suit your needs and goals in Eltham. To find out more about each of the gyms, check out their individual websites for further information.

Feel Good From The Inside Out In Eltham

Looking to get the blood pumping? Check out these fitness centres right on your doorstep that can help you to achieve your goals.

  1. Snap Fitness Eltham

Offering:     24 hour access

Cardio equipment

Free weights

Personal trainers

Strength training

Snap Fitness is a global brand with over 2,000 locations worldwide, so it’s safe to say they know their stuff! Club manager Dillin Allan runs the Eltham club on Main Road, just opposite the Eltham train station.

Inside this top-quality and well-priced gym you’ll find all new equipment, a rack/lifting platform, a boxing room, a cardio area, a free weight area, and fantastic fitness trainers as dedicated to your goals as you are. Whether you’re into bodybuilding, want to improve your core strength and stability, or would like assistance with weight loss and/or nutrition, the team at Snap Fitness has got you covered! Snap Fitness Eltham offers a community vibe to help you along your general fitness and wellbeing journey, and exceptional customer service is the cherry on top.

While it is open 24 hours to members, its staffed hours are from 9:30 am to 7 pm on Mondays to Thursdays, and 9:30 am to 4 pm on Fridays. They are also open on weekends by appointment only.

  1. Anytime Fitness Eltham

Offering:      24 hour access

Cardio equipment

Free weights

Personal trainers

Strength training

Functional training

Anytime Fitness boasts Australia’s biggest fitness community, and it’s easy to see why! With over 500 clubs across Australia and over 5,000 worldwide, their fitness trainers have their finger on the pulse at all times.

Eltham’s club is located on Arthur Street, close to all the action. Whatever gets your heart racing exercise-wise, you’ll find it all here! The cardio equipment includes elliptical cross trainers, exercise cycles, rowing machines, treadmills, and spin bikes, so you know your heart rate will be right up there!

If strength training is more your style, they have that in spades (and barbells) as well. Along with barbells and dumbbells you’ll find squat racks and plate-loaded machines, so if you accidentally (or purposefully) turn into Thor— no worries!

When it comes to functional training, you’re in for a treat at Anytime Fitness. At Eltham’s club, you’ll find BOSU, jump ropes, kettlebells, medicine balls, plyometric boxes, resistance bands… the list goes on! And if you’re new to the sports game or coming back after a break, you can take advantage of their fitness assessments and personal trainers who offer both personal training and small group training.

Staffed hours vary from day to day and may change from time to time, so if you’re looking to catch a staff member during your visit, we recommend giving them a call to book an appointment.

  1. KX Pilates

Offering:     Pilates

Pilates studio

Pilates class

Reformer Pilates

50 minute classes

Full body workout

Small classes

Beginner classes

Intermediate classes

KX Pilates has over 80 locations filled with industry-leading trainers throughout Australia, and together they run 60+ reformer Pilates workouts a week. Pretty impressive! They’re passionate about helping people build stronger versions of themselves through reformer Pilates, whether they’re an old hat or just getting started on their Pilates journey.

Located on Pryor Street in Eltham, KX Pilates is an easy stop on your way to or from work. They offer three Pilates class levels and varying levels of resistance on their reformer machines, so no matter which level you’re currently at, you can progress at your own pace.

No matter your current Pilates level— even if it’s your first time!— their 50-minute classes are always dynamic, but on your own terms. When they say nobody does Pilates like they do, they mean it! The trainers at KX Pilates aim to always be inspiring, but never intimidating.

In their beginner class, your KX Academy trainer will teach you the basics to get you moving at your own pace. These classes are designed to ease you in if you’re just starting out, or ease you back in if you’re returning to Pilates after a break. If you have an injury, they will modify the exercises to suit you so you’ll never be left out.

Intermediate classes are a step up from beginner, as they turn up the intensity and target more muscle groups with new techniques to add to your repertoire. Thanks to their reformer machine’s signature spring system, you can adjust the intensity to suit your circumstances and goals.

Ready to sweat? The advanced classes are calling your name! These classes will give you the ultimate workout by challenging your strength and building your stamina. If you’re looking to step up your Pilates game, this is the class for you!

To get your Pilates on in Eltham, browse their schedule on their website to choose a class that suits you.

  1. Hot House Yoga & Pilates

Offering:     Bikram yoga

Fusion flow yoga

Yin yoga

Classic flow yoga

Power HIIT hot Pilates


Hot House Yoga & Pilates is an Eltham-born Pilates and yoga studio that offers a bright, modern, and clean environment for hot yoga and Pilates. Catering for beginners through to those with advanced skills, this studio boasts consistent heat and humidity through its heated classes (as well as its standard air temperature classes). Plus with their slip-resistant and anti-microbial Flotex carpeting, you don’t need to worry about bacteria while you work out!

You can find Hot House Yoga & Pilates in the Eltham Mall, just above the Coles supermarket car park behind Main Road. It’s easily accessible via public transport as it’s close to the train station and serviced by many bus routes, so however you choose to get here, you can do it with no fuss.

Whether you’re looking for a beginner class that focuses on relaxation and breathing or a more intense workout that will get the blood pumping, it’s all here at Hot House Yoga & Pilates.

Those looking for a more relaxed introduction to yoga or Pilates may enjoy the Classic Flow Yoga class, which runs for 60 minutes and isn’t heated. This class mixes dynamic movement with breath, teaches hatha style postures, and stretches and strengthens your muscles. Even if you’re at an advanced level, this type of class is still a great option!

If you want to turn the heat up, look into their Bikram yoga, Fusion Flow yoga, or Power HIIT hot Pilates classes. Fusion Flow runs for 60 minutes at 30 degrees Celsius, and mixes vinyasa flow and body sculpting with weight training and a cardio component. The next heat level is the Power HIIT hot Pilates class at 34 degrees Celsius, which runs for 55 minutes. In this class, you’re in for some high-intensity interval training (HIIT) that aims to improve core strength and stability while toning the body and burning calories.

If you’re really missing the summer heat, try a Bikram yoga class on for size! These 90-minute classes are run at 40 degrees Celsius (though they are 60 minutes if you take 3 classes per week). Bikram yoga helps to build strength and stamina and is aimed at improving muscle tone and gaining energy.

To check out Hot House Yoga & Pilates classes, visit their website.

  1. Eltham Leisure Centre

Offering:     24 hour access

Fitness centre

Gyms with pools

Group classes

Swim lessons

Mums and bubs classes

Eltham Leisure Centre has all you could ask for when it comes to fitness centres. It can be difficult to find gyms with pools, but luckily for you, there’s one right here in Eltham! Located on Brougham Street, it’s near Eltham High School, Eltham Basketball Centre, and Skaterz Roller Skate & Blade Rink, making it easy to get to with kids.

Once you’ve dropped them off at school, it’s time for you to do some learning of your own! Eltham Leisure Centre offers a cardio zone with a huge array of cardio options, a functional zone with kettlebells, rings, boxing, and more, a stretch zone, and a strength zone. That’s right, it’s all here!

If you’re looking for a gym with a pool, this is the one to hightail it to. You can swim laps on your own or join an aqua group fitness class, and top it off with a trip to the sauna and steam room. It’s not all high-intensity swimming, though— many adults don’t know how to swim, and Eltham Leisure Centre caters to them as well. They offer learn-to-swim classes for children, teens, and adults, available for people of all ages and skill levels.

With the Health Club gym centre open 24 hours, other areas of the leisure centre run differing opening hours depending on the exercise and the day— see their website for detailed information.

Ready To Sweat? Visit Eltham’s Fitness Centres Today!

With the plethora of fitness centre options in Eltham, you’ll never run out of places to work up a sweat! Whether you’re into cardio or strength training, there’s a fitness centre in Eltham for your skills and fitness level. There’s no time like the present to start on your fitness goals— get in touch with your gym or studio of choice today.