Whatever you need to buy, it’s a widely accepted fact that there’s nothing like local products. And it’s especially true when it comes to our little corner of the earth known as Eltham! We have a strong sense of community and love to help out our fellow locals whenever and wherever we can— including when it comes to our butchers and grocers.

Our community is fiercely dedicated to its local businesses that focus on the unique Eltham food scene. They could be known as a butcher, grocer, deli, or something else entirely, but at the end of the day, it’s all about community. Despite what they sell, each offers quality products as well as an authentic community experience that’s well worth savouring.

These local businesses are well-known in Eltham and beyond. Whether it’s for the friendly faces behind the counter, the mouth-watering fresh fruits and vegetables, or the delicious cuts of meat that could make any sandwich an experience, it’s easy to see why buying local is so popular. Come with us as we journey through the best butchers and grocers in Eltham, showcasing their offerings and highlighting their charm, character, and commitment to their crafts.

Your Butcher Eltham Options

The traditional butcher shop is as well-frequented today as it was decades ago, proving that although times change, some things stay the same. This culinary tradition stands the test of time in shopping centres and on main streets across the country, and thankfully, right here in Eltham.

1. Station Meats

Station Meats, in the Eltham Village Shopping Centre on Main Road, is a beacon (or should we say bacon?) of quality meat. The commitment to quality here is second to none, between the diverse selection of meat cuts and the friendly staff dedicated to making your next meal your best one yet.

They provide a premium selection of classic cuts, sausages, small goods, pantry items, and gluten-free products— just to name a few! And if you have any questions at all about preparing, cooking, or serving your delectable dish, the team is always ready with suggestions and advice.

You could be looking for the perfect cut of Wagyu beef for a steak night at home or veal cordon bleu with provolone cheese for a homemade meal for a special occasion. No matter what you select and how you go about it, you, your family, and your guests are in for a treat. Whether it’s a weekday lunch or an all-out festive dinner for the whole family, Station Meats has you sorted.

2. Eltham Gourmet Poultry and Game

Despite its straightforward name, Eltham Gourmet Poultry and Game is more than just a place to buy meat— it’s a community landmark. The staff get to know their customers like family by learning locals’ names and preferences when it comes to their culinary tastes. Plus, the meat is simply top-notch. If entering a meat raffle means you have a chance of winning a tray from Eltham Gourmet Poultry and Game, you can count on some competition!

Located in the Eltham Village Shopping Centre, they’re famous for their chicken wings, kievs, and gluten-free sausages, along with their commitment to customer service. The team here takes their meat seriously and ensures that every bite is as fresh as can be, making their offerings a meat lover’s paradise. With a laser-like focus on exceptional meats and customer service with a smile and a friendly chat, any Eltham home chef knows this is the place to go.

3. Eltham Deli

Eltham Deli rounds out Eltham Village Shopping Centre’s butcheries, stocking a large selection of quality goods from Australia and some of Europe’s best-known food regions. Along with just about every cut of meat you could ever need, they also have items like dips, breads, and preserved foods to complement your meal. Not only do they take poultry and game meats to a whole new level, but they also know what pairs well together and just how to prepare it.

Dairy-free? Gluten-free? You’re still in luck! While the deli classics are still there, they’re supplemented by ranges to suit nearly every dietary requirement. The staff go out of their way to help you with anything you need food-wise, including cheeses, wine, coffee, and gifts, making this the one-stop shop for all Eltham food enthusiasts.

Your Grocer Eltham Options

Local grocers are more than just shops with fresh food— the people who run and staff these stores are custodians of tasty, seasonal produce that can bring a smile to any food lover. From their commitment to locally sourced produce wherever possible to the celebration of sustainable living, the Eltham grocer scene is as lively as ever.

1. Fine Fruits of Eltham

Fine Fruits of Eltham does what it says on the label, but that’s just the beginning! This Eltham institution is more like a member of the community, taking the time to get to know its customers and recognising them (and their go-to orders). Okay, while the store itself may not have a life of its own, the team makes it seem that way! Quality products are a way of life here, with top-tier customer service as the fresh, ripe cherry on top.

With a variety of colourful fruits and vegetables that are always chosen for their quality, taste, and freshness, this Eltham Village Shopping Centre mainstay restocks everybody’s favourites every day. Dedicated to offering quality produce at affordable prices, Fine Fruits of Eltham is like stepping into a farmer’s market— just a lot more conveniently located! Whether you’re in the mood for berries, bananas, or both, your fruit salad bowl won’t know what’s hit it.

2. Organic Fix

When unearthing organic gems is on your to-do list for the day, Organic Fix should be your first stop. This organic grocery store is committed to eco-friendly products that support the planet while helping you realise the difference you’re making. Whether you’re looking for organic products for eating and drinking or to replace your cleaning and beauty products with, they’ve got it all!

Located at 937 Main Road, Organic Fix inspires the Eltham community to reduce waste, eat organically, and enhance their health— and that of the planet. You could be looking for ingredients to add to your everyday cooking or a specialty product to give to an eco-conscious friend, or maybe even both, and you could do it all right here! Along with zero-waste whole foods that have been sustainably farmed, they stock products from well-known brands such as Ever Eco, Frank Green, and Abode for your next meal on the go. When you’re ready to make a difference, give them a visit on Main Road.

3. Harvest

Harvest Eltham is all about produce that’s fresh from the fields. Located at 6-20 Luck Street, it couldn’t be easier to find perfectly ripe and tasty fresh produce in Eltham, no matter the time of year. Here, fresh produce isn’t a promise that’s thrown around haphazardly, but rather a way of life.

Regulars love how simple it is to pop in here after work for their usual weekly produce shop and often come out with something that caught their eye that wasn’t on the list— but always ends up as the biggest hit at home! Exotic fruits are just as easy to find here as the typical offerings, as they focus on variety, a.k.a; the spice of life. Shopping here means you’re in for a bounty of seasonal delights, with every bite a sensory sensation.

Experience Eltham’s Fresh Fruits, Veggies, and Meats Today

No matter where you’re headed for your fresh produce, if it’s in Eltham, you’ve made the right choice! Supporting local businesses is always a fantastic idea, and even more so here in Eltham, where we’re lucky to have such a large range of fresh and tasty products available to us. It’s as simple as heading to the nearby shopping centre or main road and being greeted with a friendly face ready to show you exactly what you were looking for!

Whether you’re interested in a perfect cut of beef for a romantic dinner for two, deli cuts of meat for the kids’ sandwiches for school, or a roast to pop in the oven to feed the family, Eltham butchers have all the goods. And if meat’s not your thing, that’s not a problem for our grocers whatsoever! Along with fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables, Eltham grocers offer everything from cheese, dips, and condiments to wine, coffee, and gifts. Gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan, pescetarian— every diet can be catered for and you’ll be thrilled with the options available. So what are you waiting for? Feed that hungry tummy by heading into Eltham town today!