Supporting small businesses and the local community is what we’re all about here in Eltham. We have an abundance of local grocers who love to see locals and visitors alike flow into their grocery stores, fruit shops, vegetable shops, Asian grocers, and butcher shops (and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!). When you’re after fresh and high-quality foods, friendly customer service, and the ability to get to know the members of your local community, you can find it all in one place at your local grocer.

This blog explores the grocery store options in Eltham, from local butchers and coffee roasters to health food stores and your friendly fresh fruit grocers. To find out more about them, check them out online and follow up with a visit to try the taste sensations for yourself!

Keep Your Kitchen Happy With These Eltham Grocers

A well-fed and full guest is the sign of a great host, so it would make sense for a full kitchen to be a happy kitchen! Your pantry should always contain the essentials such as flour, olive oil, rice, and any other basic products that you find yourself reaching for frequently when whipping up a delicious dinner.

In addition to these pantry essentials, it should also house the bits and pieces you don’t think you need right now but will when that late-night craving hits! The sudden urge to bake a cake or muffins? Craving some double fudge brownies? A snack of chocolate chips at 4 am? Sometimes it just has to be done.

And while it’s traditionally not as easy to keep a selection of perfectly ripe fruit, fresh vegetables, and fresh meat and seafood on hand, it’s easier than you think when you live in Eltham. It seems like there’s a grocery store, health food store, and local butcher on every corner! Whether you’re stocking up on long-lasting ingredients or popping out to pick up some fresh fruits and vegetables for the kids, you’ll find just the local grocer you need right here in Eltham.

  1. Fine Fruits of Eltham

Craving fresh produce? We get it! Whether you’re a health food aficionado or just looking to add some colour to your meals, fresh fruit and vegetables just can’t be beaten. Located on Main Road in Eltham Village Shopping Centre, Fine Fruits of Eltham pride themselves on bringing you the freshest produce that lasts— no more wilting lettuce for you!

The staff at Fine Fruits of Eltham strive to stock quality produce at affordable prices, thanks to their seasonal Australian produce that is delivered and restocked daily. They understand the importance of fresh produce and ensure their stock is reasonably priced, so everybody can have a chance to experience the quality, taste, and freshness.

As the team at Fine Fruits of Eltham receive deliveries and restock every single day, you know you’re getting the freshest fruit and veggies. As a result, you’ll be able to make as close to a farm-to-table meal as possible without having to start your own farm!

They stock more than just the freshest fruit, though— you’ll also find essentials like milk and eggs, and snacks including yoghurts, organic juice, and a variety of nut mixes. Get in and see Fine Fruits of Eltham for all your fresh fruit grocer needs from 8 am to 6 pm on weekdays and 8 am to 5 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

  1. Thrive Bulk Wholefoods

Thrive Bulk Wholefoods are your local health food store with more. More passion for health food, more dedication to customer service, and of course, more of a large range of bulk wholefoods than you’ll find elsewhere around Melbourne.

Thrive Bulk Wholefoods, located in the Midway Arcade off Main Road in Eltham, is dedicated to the planet’s health as well as peoples’. They value sustainable practices and reducing plastic in our oceans, and as such, they’re committed to plastic-free shopping. Additionally, you’ll find that all of their marked organic products are 100% certified, so you can rest assured that when you choose their organic products, that’s exactly what you’re getting.

While they may not be a vegan grocery store as such, you’ll find many vegan-friendly products if their selection. They encourage you to take in your own reusable containers, but if you forget yours, there’s no need to worry; their plastic-free philosophy means that you can get paper bags if needed.

As well as stocking anything and everything you could ever need from a health food store food-wise, Thrive Bulk Wholefoods upped the game. They also have a wide range of household products such as washing powder, detergents, and other cleaning products, as well as pantry items like legumes and pulses, muesli bars, nut butter, granola, and flour. Plus, you won’t want to miss the treats section! Here you’ll find dried fruit, chocolate-coated everything, and slices that get people raving. Whatever you need for your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry, Thrive Bulk Wholefoods keeps both you and the planet happy.

  1. Farmer’s Fresh Fruit Market Eltham

Farmer’s Fresh Fruit Market Eltham is a fruit shop, vegetable shop, and fresh food grocer on Luck Street in Eltham. This produce market not only stocks the traditional fresh fruit and vegetables, but it goes one step further and offers fruits you may have never seen before! If you’re looking for a new favourite fruit or veggie to add to your salad, Farmer’s Fresh Fruit Market Eltham is the place to discover it.

The staff here are consistently applauded for their friendly, polite, and helpful attitudes, which certainly go a long way! As well as this, their produce is top quality, very fresh, and reasonably priced— what more could you possibly ask for?

If you hoped for all of this in a conveniently located and neat and clean store, you’ve got it! Thanks to its location on Luck Street, Farmer’s Fresh Fruit Market Eltham is just a hop, skip, and jump from the bustling Main Road. It couldn’t be easier to duck in on your way home after a day at work, or pop down during the day to grab what you need without going out of your way. Between the fresh food, amazing service, and great location, you can’t go past Farmer’s Fresh Fruit Market Eltham.

  1. Organic Fix

After organic coffee beans? How about some cocoa? Maybe the ingredients for a warm and cosy organic soup? In this weather, who isn’t?! Luckily, there’s more than enough of these— and many other necessary items— in-store at Organic Fix in Eltham. Located on Main Road, Organic Fix is just a minute’s walk away from the Eltham train station, so this organic local grocer couldn’t be easier to find!

Open from Tuesdays to Sundays (9 am to 5 pm on weekdays and 9 am to 2 pm on weekends); there’s plenty of time to get your organic fix from… well, Organic Fix! They will soon be launching their online store as well, so you’ll be able to jump online and order your organic goods quickly and easily and even subscribe, so you don’t miss out on a single sale. Getting your organic fix has never been easier!

Organic Fix is passionate about zero waste wholefoods and zero waste in general, which is why you’ll find a selection of ethical household items in-store as well as their grocery items. Paper straws only last so long, after all— grab some reusable stainless steel straws from Organic Fix while you pick up your coffee beans, coconut oil, and peanut butter.

Keen to inspire people to use organic wholefoods and products wherever possible, the staff at Organic Fix are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Sarah especially is dedicated to an eco-friendly lifestyle and helping others who want to live the same way. Her welcoming smile and warm personality will make your organic shopping experience, and maybe even make your whole week!

When you’re looking for organic food and products in a welcoming and positive environment, Organic Fix is your new go-to. From flours, nuts, and legumes to fresh produce and eco-friendly household products, you’ll be glad you made the (very simple) trip! Pop in and say hi to Sarah today while you stock up on all your organic goodies.

Essentials You Should Always Keep In Your Pantry

Olive oil— Great for baking and frying as well as dipping and drizzling.

Vegetable oil— For frying and sautéing.

Balsamic vinegar— For salad dressings or an addition to your crusty bread.

Flour— Both plain and self-raising.

Sugar— Brown sugar for cooking and baking, and make sure you store it in an airtight container!

Cornstarch— You always find you need it when you don’t have any left!

Salt and pepper— The finishing touches you can’t go without.

Honey— It doesn’t expire and can be used in cooking as well as on toast or in tea.

Canned tomatoes— In addition to fresh tomatoes, of course!

Stock— Chicken, beef, vegetable, they’re all delicious!

Canned beans— Black beans, white beans, chickpeas, all the beans!

Rice— Pick your favourite (or two).

Pasta— For a quick and easy dinner.

Ready To Stock Your Pantry?

Now that all the options have been laid out, Eltham suddenly seems so much bigger! Give our four local grocers a try next time you need fresh produce, as local fruit shops, vegetable shops, and health food stores are always grateful for your business. Enjoy, and happy cooking!