Time is of the essence every day, and doing laundry does not always fit into our busy lives! You may also have beautiful garments and pieces that are difficult to clean and iron or that need mending or altering. That is why finding trustworthy and reliable laundry services, alterations, and dry-cleaning businesses are so important.

Whether you live in Eltham or are visiting the area, knowing where a great laundry service is can be endlessly handy. Efficiency, convenience, and reliability are key, and we are happy to say that the businesses in Eltham do not disappoint. The services here dedicate themselves to high-quality and welcoming service that goes beyond simply cleaning your items. From everyday clothing to designer suits and delicate ball gowns, they provide top-notch laundering, dry cleaning, and/or alterations.

Do you need time-saving laundry services or dry cleaning in Eltham? How about alterations in Eltham from a business you can put your faith in to perform a great job? We have you covered! We can help you find the best way to look after your wardrobe with our list of laundry services, alterations, and dry cleaning in Eltham.

 1. Alter It

When a service dedicates themselves to a field, you know you can trust the quality of their work, and that is just what you will find at Alter It in Eltham. Since 2002, this specialist clothing alteration service has been delivering attention to detail and a commitment to quality for each piece they work on. Alter It offers an extensive range of service options that are carried out promptly and efficiently for your convenience. From simple hemming and zip, pocket, and button repairs to altering intricate and valuable pieces, the passionate and friendly team can help you.

If you need clothing shortened, such as suit trousers, dresses, and blazers, Alter It can have it done within half an hour! You’ll barely have time to catch up on your Instagram scrolling or have a cup of coffee! They can also taper or resize pieces like too-loose jeans and oversized jackets so that they fit you perfectly, and they will lengthen items when you need a little more material. Alter It can remodel, repair, and mend garments so that you do not have to say goodbye to your overworn, favourite wardrobe staples. This also means they can breathe new life into your latest op-shop finds!

The comprehensive services also include specialist leather remodelling, repairs, or alterations, and curtains and Manchester resizing. The team can even alter or repair pre-loved wedding dresses, resize bridal party outfits, and provide you with skilled measurements for online purchases.

Two unique services that you might not think of as being options are labelling and numbering options! Alter It can take the stress out of preparing the kids for school or making sure things stay accounted for in places like special care accommodation and hospitals. The team can have each item of clothing ready for identification in no time! You just provide the labels you want, and they will do the rest. They can also help you out with numbers! If you need numbers sewn onto jerseys and jumpers, bring them along and Alter It will sew them on perfectly.

Although Alter It focuses on alterations, the Eltham store does offer full dry-cleaning services too! They have partnered with professional dry cleaners who do an amazing job, and your items will be ready the next day. They also dry clean bridal wear and similar intricate items.

Alter It has 21 stores dotted around Melbourne and countless happy customers. When you are seeking high-quality and efficient alterations or dry cleaning in Eltham, you cannot go wrong when you visit Alter It.

You can find Alter It at 6 Commercial Place, Eltham.

2. Penguin Dry Cleaners

Penguin Dry Cleaners has been nestled in the heart of Eltham near the train station since 1947. This trusted business has provided the community with support and reliable service for all these years! They have developed a well-earned reputation for exceptional laundry services, dry cleaning, and alterations in Eltham, meaning your garments get the care they need in a timely and convenient manner. Penguin Dry Cleaners has become an industry leader, implementing up-to-date methods and modern technology for all the services they offer.

The friendly and skilled team at Penguin Dry Cleaners in Eltham is committed to providing a comprehensive array of services. This dedication extends beyond great customer service and reliability. Alongside their great work ethic and passion for carrying out meticulous laundering, dry cleaning, and alterations, Penguin Dry Cleaners have established their reputation over the decades for providing efficient and extensive service options.

These range from using specialised solvents to freshen up those delicate fabrics you are frightened to touch to laundering your muddy sporting gear. Penguin Dry Cleaners work to preserve the quality of your wardrobe items and help you get the most out of each piece.

Providing affordable options is also an important factor for the team at Penguin Dry Cleaners. They understand that dry cleaning and alterations can be easy to put off due to the concern if will cost too much. But the longer you leave your items dirty, even slightly so, the risk increases that stains will become stubborn and hard to remove, mould will grow, or tears will get worse. That is why they provide their services at reasonable prices, so you can take care of your clothing.

If you need laundry services, dry cleaning, or alterations in Eltham, Penguin Dry Cleaners is a great choice!

You can find Penguin Dry Cleaners at 74 Commercial Place, Eltham.

Local Laundry Services, Dry Cleaning, And Alterations to Suit All Your Needs!

Extend the life of your wardrobe and keep your clothes looking fresh by taking them to one of the excellent businesses in Eltham for laundry services, dry cleaning, and alterations. Save time and visit these reliable businesses that are dedicated to making your clothing look fabulous – affordably and efficiently.