Hi, I’m Molly Croft- the creator and owner of pod&seed.

Opening a store with soul was an aspiration of mine for many years as I believe an experience and connection with the community is a success for all to enjoy. After my mother passed in 2018, I realised that life was too short, it was time to bring my dream to fruition. I opened pod&seed 26 months ago of which has bloomed into a thriving little store.

At pod&seed, we have offerings to tempt and delight all; from bespoke Indian and European furniture pieces, vintage planters, indoor plants, pots, gardening tools to artisan homewares, Australian made candles and body products. The everchanging collection continues to delight all whom walk thru the door.

Many of my customers smile as the enter the world of pod&seed of which wraps them in a sense of calmness and joy which is appreciated, I am blessed by their continued lovely comments.

In fact, the name of our store says it all. Pod is the space in which we live our life & Seed is the love within our pod.

Prior to opening the store, I knew full well I was stepping into…. a lot of hard work!! Of which has brought me so much personal pleasure in watching the growth. The biggest learning challenge for me has been staying on top of social media. While this is time-consuming, I attribute the success of pod&seed to keeping connected with the community. My loyal customers are authentic, kind and the foundation of the continued growth of the business.

I have lived in Eltham for 28 years and love the natural beauty around us. This is a lovely place to live and work, with like-minded people living within the community. I am humbled by my experience as an Eltham business owner and I look forward to what the future unfolds for my little store.

Come visit pod&seed soon!