Write a Christmas Letter to Santa! 🎅

Write Santa a letter with what you would like to receive this Christmas🎁

When: Nov 19 at 9am – Dec 2 at 5pm
Where: Eltham Town Square

Please follow ALL of these simple steps: 🙏
1. Neatly write or type your letter, ensure that you address it to Santa at The Northpole
2. Place your letter in our Santa Letterbox, located the Eltham Rotunda, Eltham Town Square, Eltham
3. Please ensure you include your full name and address (clearly) so Santa can reply to you!
4. Please ensure you post your letter in the letterbox no later than 5pm on Friday 2nd December 2022

P.S. This year Santa has many miles to go and the postal world is a bit slow so post your letter in the Eltham Santa letterbox sooner than later

This initiative is brought to you by the Eltham Chamber of Commerce !🎅 🤶📚