The 4 Best Homewares Stores In Eltham 

Moving into a new home? Looking to spruce up your current home design? 

Shopping for homewares can be endlessly fun, and just as endlessly exhausting. Often it feels like carting yourself from shop to shop all day, hunting down that perfect pot or piece of furniture. Don’t send yourself out on a wild goose chase! We’ve broken down some of Eltham’s best shops, where you can find homewares and products that you’re sure to fall head over heels in love with. Once you know the right spots to visit, shopping for your home is going to be a much easier (and more enjoyable!) feat.

Create the Home of Your Dreams

Here’s the thing about buying homewares: so many of us fall into the trap of heading to the big-name franchise stores and wind up creating a home that looks just like everyone else’s. You deserve to adore every single product and item in your home, from your vase to your dishware. When you choose handmade, artisan-designed, local products, you elevate the sense of style within your home. Not only do you bring art and beauty into every last item, but you can rest easy knowing you’ve supported real people running real businesses.

Whether you’ve got a vision you’re looking to create or you’re hoping to serendipitously stumble upon a one-of-a-kind treasure, the perfect homeware store may be closer than you think. Here’s a rundown of some of our favourite spots right in Eltham to find everything you need to add some flair to your home.

The Little Things in Life

If you’re an Eltham local, you’re bound to have come across this hidden gem! The Little Things in Life has been local to the area since 1999, though it underwent a rebranding in 2017 since mother-daughter duo Nicole and Lauren took over the business. Originally called Sentient Being, this beautiful store has been consistently selling beautiful and meaningful wares to our local community. Though they’ve been expanding their store recently, even opening up a new location in Parkdale during 2020, the heart of this small business remains unchanged.

The core theme of this store is lifestyle wares and decorations that inspire the home, body, and soul. Whether you’re looking for gifts or gorgeous decor to spruce up your home, The Little Things in Life has it all! Nicole, Lauren, and Maddisen (mother, daughter, and niece respectively) have a deep passion for the little things in life, finding inspiration and joy in carefully selecting all items held in store for an exciting and enticing experience.

What brings so many people through their doors year after year is the ambiance created by this shop. With exquisite aromas, luxurious textiles, and countless pieces of pure beauty, The Little Things in Life offers everything you need to find a meaningful gift or turn your home into a gorgeous sanctuary. This shop offers an incredible range of local, Melbourne-made products alongside more exotic items from places such as Turkey, India, and Isreal. By sourcing ethically made, sustainable, and natural products that are both environmentally and animal friendly, you can feel good about shopping here.

Pop in to visit today to explore the full range of lifestyle and jewellery brands on offer! 


Over at Commercial Place, there’s a stunning oasis of greenery and vintage homewares. The pod&seed store has steadily become a staple for anyone looking to bring life into their homes with gorgeous plants, but their ever-changing collection doesn’t only include plant life. With beautiful decorations, one-of-a-kind homewares, hand-crafted gardening tools, and countless beauty and body products from Australian artisans, this could be your new go-to spot for gifts and lifestyle shopping.

The pod&seed collection has something for everyone. In terms of plants, novices and seasoned gardeners alike will have plenty to catch their eye. Meanwhile, the range of gifts, homewares, and decor is bound to offer plenty for anyone looking to turn their home into a peaceful, lush getaway. From local Australian products to gems sourced from all over the globe, there is more than enough on offer to breathe life into your home and garden alike.

Shopping the pod&seed range couldn’t be easier. If visiting the serenity of their Eltham store isn’t an option, there are more than enough ways for you to bring this timeless collection of greenery into your home. Jump over to their online store to peruse their full range yourself, or even call up to chat about everything on offer and order over the phone! From click and collect to local deliveries, it couldn’t be easier to get your hands on these unique treasures.

Stop by today to peruse the range or chat with the passionate team members down at pod&seed. With vintage homewares, artisan products, tools, dining items, hand-crafted pots, and countless other items on offer, you’re bound to leave with armfuls of pieces that will leave guests in awe!

Run to the River

Just over the Yarra River sits a darling little boutique with so much to offer. The moment you step through the doors at Run to the River, you’ll see precisely what the appeal is. This store showcases a stunning range of homewares, apparel, gifts, jewellery, and more, with every single corner filled with bright, colourful fun! It’s impossible to walk more than a step through this range without a big smile spreading over your face. When you shop here, you’re choosing an artistic and vibrant alternative to your stock-standard stores.

Down at Run to the River, every single product has been carefully selected, offering only the best of the best. Homewares are primarily Australian, handmade, and sustainable – guaranteed to be well-designed and enchanting to look at! Every shelf of this boutique is filled with all things beautiful and wonderful, seeking to bring total happiness to whoever walks out with a new purchase in their arms. If bringing fresh, vibrant energy into your home is on your design plan, this hidden gem of a store needs to be next on your itinerary.

With a variety of Australian, New Zealand, and other international labels in store, you can source the best of global treasures all from one Eltham location. Run to the River has a beautiful collection of apparel and jewellery on sale, but it’s their broad range of homewares that will have you visiting time and time again. Pots, vases, ceramics, candles, body products, incense, plants, decor… you name it, and Run to the River has a memorable product available to catch your eye!

Fill your home with things that make you grin. Every nook and cranny of your space should be decorated with bright, beautiful, and unforgettable wares – and Run to the River can make that happen! Visit today, or check out their online collection to see the magic for yourself.

 Only Just Fair Trade

Located in the Eltham Village Shopping Centre, Only Just Fair Trade is a community-driven, not-for-profit organisation. This shop was founded back in 2009 as a direct response to a clear desire for local shopping options that were sustainable and supported Fair Trade consumption. Ever since, they have been a community staple, providing a spot for people to purchase beautiful wares without needing to worry about any hidden, unethical secrets. After well over a decade of business, Only Just Fair Trade’s shop sells products from over 30 developing products, as well as wares that benefit Indigenous Australian communities.

So, what kinds of products will you find down at Only Just? A better question is what you won’t find. Clothing, accessories, toys, giftware, home and lifestyle products – all these and more are all on offer, entirely ethical, justly sourced, and often handmade. If you’re looking for memorable, beautiful homewares that make a positive impact, this is the place to go.

The heart of this store goes far beyond providing lovely homewares and products to their local community. Only Just stands for fairness, dignity, and actively changing lives. When you explore their collection you’ll stumble across story after story, each as heartwarming and encouraging as the last. Shop for wares you’ll adore as you empower people all across the world by purchasing their incredible handmade items.

Doesn’t shopping feel a whole lot nicer when you know your money is going straight to those who need it most? Visit the Only Just store or website today to take a look at their project and range today.

Shop Local This Year

Eltham is home to some of the most wonderful boutiques and stores, run by and for locals. Don’t travel far and wide to find homewares you’ll fall in love with. When you choose local, small businesses, you’re creating an environment in your home that is unlike anyone else’s. Find your own unique voice and style, all the while supporting dedicated business owners and locally sourced handmade items. 

Make an active decision to choose ethical, sustainable shopping choices this year – and that all begins with supporting local. This is just a snapshot of the hidden gems all around Eltham. Pop in to visit any of the businesses listed above, and maybe you’ll be inspired to choose Eltham for all your shopping needs.