The 5 Best Places to Get a Pedicure in Eltham

It’s been quite the… well, couple of years, hasn’t it? We’ve all been through it (‘it’ being the pandemic in addition to the stress of everyday life), so it’s no wonder we’re looking to get back to normal and relax! 

Whether you’re new to the Eltham area, visiting friends or family, on a holiday, or are just looking to add some fun and colour to your day-to-day, we’ve got you covered. Eltham has a vast array of conveniently located nail salons with talented nail techs ready to bring the glitz and glam to your fingers and toes. As Donna and Tom from Parks and Recreation famously said: Treat yourself!

This blog explores the 5 best places to get a manicure and pedicure in Eltham, proving you don’t need to make the trek into the city to get the best nails in town! To find out more about each business or to book an appointment, visit their individual websites linked below.

Yes, they can give you a manicure and pedicure in any colour! They’re reinventing the rainbow at Pink Nails & Spa, and although it now starts with pink, you’ll still find every colour and shade you could possibly imagine (and then some).

Located in Eltham Terrace, Pink Nails & Spa’s cosy atmosphere invites you in as soon as you step through the doorway. From there, you’ll feel the stress melt away in their calming and chill environment as you relax into the treatment of your choice! Whether you’re interested in a mani-pedi, French nails, star nails, Hollywood nails, or their signature gel manicure or dip nails, you’ll get exactly what you imagined— only better. From a cut, shape, and polish to a luxury manicure or a signature spa pedicure, the team at Pink Nails & Spa Eltham know how to spoil you like you deserve.

When you’re after a quality manicure or pedicure with a side of conversation (and possibly making a new friend along the way), Will’s Nails Eltham is the place to go! The team of nail techs are known for both their intricate artistry as well as their friendly personalities, and their glowing reviews speak for themselves.

Will’s Nails has become so successful that they’ve branched out to additional locations, but you won’t need to go far from home for their beautiful work! Located on Arthur St in Eltham, Will’s Nails will satisfy any nail art craving you have and give you the French nails, Hollywood nails, star nails you’ve been dreaming of— and that’s just the beginning! Buff, shape, and polish? You got it. Shellac nails? Done. Acrylic nails? Easy! Nothing is too much for the team at Will’s Nails Eltham.

Ella Bache has been a name synonymous with beauty since 1936, and it’s certainly not going anywhere any time soon! The Eltham salon, located on Main Road, has a team of highly qualified and professional beauty therapists ready to work their magic on your fingers and toes, giving you that extra ‘oomph’ of confidence for your next night out.

All of the therapists at Ella Bache Eltham hold a Diploma in Beauty Therapy, so you can rest assured your hands and feet are in good hands. Nail polish may be just one of their beauty services, but they’re so skilled in it you’d think it was all they do! Whether you’re after the best manicure, the best pedicure, or looking to go all out with an amazing mani-pedi, you can’t go past Ella Bache Eltham (and not just because of their convenient location and parking!).

For the ultimate indulgence, treat yourself to a deluxe manicure or pedicure. These deluxe services start with exfoliation and a massage among other treats before moving on to the polish application— so just make sure you wake yourself up in time after your relaxing massage to choose your style! You can choose French nails, star nails, Hollywood nails, or any other style you like. You can even add a gel manicure or pedicure for a rich and vibrant colour that lasts and lasts! The options are endless at Ella Bache Eltham.

If you’re looking for anything from a quick touch-up to a full day beauty experience, Vyve has got you covered. Located on Main Road in Eltham, you can’t miss them— thankfully! A deluxe manicure and pedicure is waiting for you at Vyve, and you can even choose to add on shellac or paraffin. There are also options for basic manicures and pedicures (also with the ability to add on shellac or paraffin), and if you’re going all out, the ultimate pedicure experience is calling your name!

The ultimate pedicure experience is like no other. It’s not called an experience for nothing! Starting with an all over massage in the most comfortable massage chair your body has ever met, the experience continues with a foot cleansing with essential oils and a sugar exfoliation of the feet and lower leg. Luxury! That’s just the beginning, but we won’t spoil the rest for you— head on in to Vyve in Eltham to discover the rest for yourself!

Following your blissful pedicure experience, the fun and fancy begins. Choose your nail polish colour and style so you can walk out with the best pedicure Eltham has ever seen! If you’re unsure of your style, French nails— whether as a manicure or pedicure— are always on trend, and are always a classic choice for a classy mani pedi. However, if you know what you want, don’t hold back! The nail techs at Vyve are more than happy to pull out all the stops to give you the nails of your dreams.

Whether you’re a long-time manicure and pedicure fiend or are new to the nail polish world, Eltham Beauty in the Eltham Village Shopping Centre will blow you away with their nail art. When you’re out for drinks with the girls, you want to make sure your nails are the centre of attention for your ‘Cheers’ picture social media posts, after all! Nail art, dip nails, a gel manicure, star nails, Hollywood nails… if you can dream it, Eltham Beauty can do it.

Looking for something a little more understated for work? You got it! When you’re typing away all day, it can really give you a boost to look down at your gorgeous nails tapping on the keys, so whatever colour or style you’re keen on will put a bit of pep in your step (or click)! Eltham Beauty offers basic and deluxe manicures as well as basic and deluxe pedicures, and you can add paraffin wax to your manicure as well to lock in that much-needed moisture as we head into winter.

Also in Eltham Beauty’s wheelhouse are acrylics, SNS nails, shellac nails, and gel manicures and pedicures. Whatever you want to decorate your fingers and toes with, it’s right at your fingertips (and… toe tips?) thanks to the talented team at Eltham Beauty.

Pedicure FAQs

What is a pedicure?

A pedicure is a treatment for your feet, including nail polish— similar to a manicure, but for your feet and toenails rather than hands and fingernails. Every nail salon that offers pedicures will do them slightly differently, but in any case it’s a relaxing and indulgent experience that leaves your feet looking and feeling their best.

How do I prepare for a pedicure?

Preparation is just as simple as your role during the pedicure itself: Sit back and relax! There’s really nothing you need to do before heading in for your pedicure. You don’t need to trim your nails beforehand— your nail tech will do this for you as part of the service— or even remove old polish. In fact, turning up with polish already on your toenails is fairly common! Also, if you’re self-conscious about any leg or ankle hair you may have, don’t give it a second thought— they’ve seen it all before, and they probably won’t even notice anyway!

How long will my pedicure last?

When you get a good quality pedicure, such as the one you get from any of Eltham’s nail salons, you can expect your pedicure to last up to a month or so. Applying moisturiser daily will help to prevent chips, but keep in mind that your feet aren’t exposed to the elements as much as your hands are (especially as the weather cools down), so you can expect it to last a little longer than your typical manicure.

Ready to Get the Best Pedicure Eltham Has Ever Seen?

Your feet take you everywhere you need to go, so don’t neglect them while your hands and fingernails get all the attention! Wherever you turn in Eltham there’s a top-quality nail salon waiting for you to hop into a comfortable chair and take your toenails to the next level. To book your next manicure, pedicure, or mani-pedi, contact your chosen nail salon from our list (or try them all out one by one!).