It’s been a long day. Or week. Or month. Or couple of years! We get it. Or maybe it’s a co-worker’s birthday, you’re celebrating a promotion, or welcoming a new member to the team. In any case, you deserve an after-work beverage (or two) at one of Eltham’s best bars, pubs, or wine bars!

Whether it’s a cocktail or a craft beer, whatever you’re craving is sure to be on tap or behind the bar at one of these nearby venues that line Eltham’s historic streets. If you’re looking for a buzz to cap off your week at work or simply celebrating Thirsty Thursday, Eltham is the place to be!

Our blog takes you on a tour through 4 of Eltham’s best bars, where you’re bound to find your new local that serves your old favourites as well as some new favourites you haven’t even discovered yet. Once you’ve perused our list, check them out online and pop on down to your bar (or bars) of choice!

Welcome to Eltham’s Buzzing Nightlife

Who said the big city gets to have all the fun? Eltham, the charming suburb less than an hour from Melbourne, shows that you don’t need to travel into the city for a great night out or a way to cap off your working week. Main Road in Eltham and its cross streets are decorated with pubs, wine bars, sports bars, rooftop bars, and virtually any type of bar you could imagine! Whatever your style, Eltham’s best bars have got you covered.

The 4 Best Bars For After Work Drinks In Eltham

  1. Barpiccolo

Welcome to the jungle. Barpiccolo, located on Luck Street in Eltham, brings the wild vibes as it greets you with its leafy wall full of drink options behind the bar. You’d be forgiven for thinking you’d been transported to a lush tropical jungle, but then you’d remember you wouldn’t find this selection of drinks waiting for you in the Amazon!

Barpiccolo truly has it all. Boasting a varied drinks menu, you can get anything from a wine or craft beer to a boozy chocolate-y thickshake or even a boozy bubble tea. That’s right, boozy bubble tea! Could it get any better?

Turns out it could, and it did! You can choose from either green or black tea, jellies or pearls, and gin or vodka. There truly is something for everyone!

If boozy bubble tea is a bit out of your comfort zone, all the classics are still here for you. Cider, spirits, craft beer, cocktails— you name it, and the friendly staff (including fan favourite ‘Big Hand Betty’) can whip it up for you in no time flat.

Barpiccolo may just be the cocktail bar all the others aim to be, with its focus on locally produced drinks and awesome decor, complete with live music on some nights. The atmosphere and drinks are second to none, but don’t just trust me— get down there and see for yourself!

Open from Wednesdays to Sundays from 5pm, Barpiccolo is the perfect spot to head to during your downhill run to the weekend. As soon as you step inside, you never know where the night may take you!

  1. Little Drop of Poison

Don’t let the name fool you! Say hola to natural wine and craft beer in this Spanish tapas and wine bar, situated right in the thick of it on Main Road in Eltham. Open from Wednesday to Sunday from 4 pm until late, you’ll find mouth-watering cuisine in addition to drinks aplenty. Bring your amigos and let the fiesta begin!

It’s never a bad idea to get some food into you after work, and Little Drop of Poison is dedicated to both your dining and drinking needs. Gooey grilled handcrafted cheese is a popular addition to many of their meals, and rightly so! Little Drop of Poison also features an outdoor bar area for when it’s warm enough, so you can enjoy your meal in the fresh air.

Once you’re all cheesed out (if that’s even possible) there’s still a lot left to be discovered food-wise such as Cantabrian anchovy grilled sourdough toast with truffle oil. If you’re not a fan of anchovies yet, you sure will be soon! Finish your meal off with a slice of house-made burnt Basque cheesecake and your stomach will be thanking you. Add a craft beer or natural wine and you’ve got yourself a perfect evening!

If craft beer and wine aren’t to your taste, don’t fret— the cocktails at Little Drop of Poison not only look delicious, but they taste out of this world. Enjoy a Sour Verde, Negroni, Americano, or discover the Paloma, a tequila-based cocktail that will help ease you into the weekend.


  1. Missing Gorilla Eltham

Missing Gorilla may certainly be missing a real live gorilla in its midst, but that’s just about the only thing it doesn’t have! Missing Gorilla is easily one of Eltham’s best bars as it features anything and everything you could need for after-work drinks and dining (unless you’re looking for the aforementioned gorilla, that is).

Situated where the hustle and bustle is, you can find Missing Gorilla on Commercial Place, just off Main Road. Here you’ll see why it draws crowds from Thursdays to Sundays, starting from 11:30 and staying open until 11 pm (8 pm on Sundays). The earlier opening time means you can grab lunch just as easily as you can an after-work drink— and you’re going to need those extra hours seeing you’ll need at least a few visits to experience it all!

Missing Gorilla is an outdoor bar, pub, wine bar, café, and more. The beer garden is the perfect spot to meet friends on a Friday evening so you can kickstart your weekend in style, before sitting down for a dining experience like no other. Follow with a trip to the sophisticated wine bar and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a good night!

If you’re after a sports bar, Missing Gorilla has that covered too! They cater to private functions of all occasions, ranging from celebrating your team’s victory, engagements, and milestone birthdays to a work gathering or even Christmas in July (hey, why not?!). Bring your theme and they can make it happen.

With its pub-esque feel, Missing Gorilla knows how to make the kids feel welcome as well. The dedicated kids area features a grassed floor the kids will love, along with games, a chalkboard, books, and G and PG-rated movies to keep them both safe and entertained. With kids options on the dining menu as well they may not even want to leave!

Whether it’s an adults-only affair or a family Friday night out, you can’t go wrong with Missing Gorilla.

  1. Platform 3095

Platform 3095 knows how to make you feel like well-known regulars whether you are or not— but if you’re not one now, you soon will be after your first visit here! Dedicated to exceptional customer service as well as delicious drinks and dining options, this rustic restaurant and bar on Main Road in Eltham is even located close to the bus interchange so you don’t need to wonder how you’ll get home. Talk about service!

It doesn’t have to be a boozy night out, though, as you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to food as well as drinks. Just looking at their dining menu is enough to make you drool a little! You could easily set up camp here as they offer endless delicious breakfast options, followed by snack packs, salads, burgers and wraps, and mains available all day. Platform 3095 is another great option for the kids with their kids menu, brimming with choices that will satisfy even the pickiest eater.

For those of us 18+, the alcoholic beverage menu will also satisfy even the pickiest drinker! Craft beer, tap beer, and cider are just the beginning. The wine menu seems to go on forever, with reds and whites and bubbles galore. And that’s before we even get to the cocktails! They have any and every martini you could ever dream of, along with mojitos, an old fashioned, and all the classics. For something different, try the Fruit Tingler slushie or bubble gum slushie— delicious!

When it’s an all-out experience you’re after in Eltham, Platform 3095 has your every need covered. Plus, it’s a gorgeous venue to look at— what more could you ask for?

Visit The Best Bars in Eltham

Whatever drink you’re in the mood for, Eltham’s best bars have got it and more. That’s right, your Friday night commute from work to after-work drinks doesn’t need to involve taxis and trains— it’s all right here! From cocktail bars and wine bars to sports bars and outdoor bars and everything in between, you don’t need to venture far from home to find the best way to end a work day! Bring your friends, your family, and your work family down to the best bars this side of Melbourne, where you can relax after a weird Wednesday at work or start off your weekend in style.