The Eight Best Coffee Houses In Eltham 

What makes a town or city great? 

Job opportunities? Housing? The cost of living? The green space? The people?

Sure, those are mighty important aspects. But if the coffee is no good, what do they matter?! In fact, some might argue that the other factors are not even possible without great coffee!

The quality of the coffee places is high on our list when choosing somewhere to visit or live. When it comes to our gorgeous town of Eltham, we believe knowing where the best coffee houses are is paramount to enjoying your time here. So, stop to discover the coffee beans!

Whether you’re looking for the best French press coffee to see you through your morning meetings, a takeout iced coffee to enjoy in the park, a comforting cappuccino with a delicious in-house lunch, or an afternoon Americano – we have you covered. 

Take a coffee house crawl with us as we explore the great variety of options in Eltham. With friendly and talented baristas, enticing coffee beans, local and fresh ingredients, and atmospheric spaces, there is a coffee shop (or eight!) that will soon become your favourite(s). 

  1.   Corner Caf

The Corner Caf at 5/6 Arthur St, Eltham, offers the perfect combination of know-how, innovation, and passion for a wonderful and satisfying coffee house experience. This family-owned business has been sustaining Eltham residents and visitors for over a decade with fantastic coffee and delicious food. Many of us wonder how we could possibly manage without this Eltham icon!

The owners, John and Mary, have run other cafes around Melbourne, such as Cravings at Chadstone and The Coffee Tree at Northland, and now pour their coffee love and knowledge into The Corner Caf in Eltham (which we are endlessly grateful for – especially first thing in the morning!).

You can rest assured the coffee beans will have your tastebuds singing as you experience the high quality and distinctive flavours of the broad range of Beraldo’s Master Roaster’s coffee varieties. With updated menus, food and coffee takeaway, and catering options for your upcoming event, there will be something that takes your fancy for sure. Check out The Corner Caf’s website and Facebook page to have a look at the tantalising and extensive menu and find out about new offers and details. 

  1.   Aromas Cafe

Have you had those moments when you’re desperate for a reprieve from the dreaded three-thirty-itis only to find not one coffee place open? Us too! However, Eltham Aromas Café Bar Beanery is here to save us!

This atmospheric coffee shop at 25/10-18 Arthur St, Eltham, is open right through the afternoon, so when you and your friends want to catch up for arvo tea, a great choice awaits. With fantastic coffee, delicious and hearty homemade food, and service that feels like you are surrounded by old friends, this coffee bar is the answer. There is even an extensive range of gluten-free options.

Visiting Eltham Aromas is sure to make your day with no more fruitless searches for an afternoon coffee (or a morning coffee. Or a lunchtime coffee. Or an ‘it’s always the perfect time for a coffee’ coffee)!


  1.   Papa Bear

If you’re looking for a fantastic coffee house, we are certain that even Goldilocks would agree that this one is just right! 

Papa Bear, at 972 Main Road, Eltham, serves the best caffeinated (and decaffeinated) fixes, including delicious La Marzocco coffees. Their seasonal menus guarantee you will find something perfect for your cravings, ranging from refreshing iced coffees and rice paper rolls to warming lattes and dumplings. And, of course, where would a coffee shop that shares its name with Papa Bear himself be without the perfect bowl of porridge (at the perfect temperature!)?

We highly recommend you head in for your morning coffee or lunchtime treat and enjoy Papa Bear’s friendly service and unique aesthetic and atmosphere. You will be warmly welcomed, so no need to do a Goldilocks and creep in!

  1.   Third Chapter

The name of this coffee place, Third Chapter, is an indicator of the high-quality experience you will have when you visit. This coffee shop, which you can find at 26 Commercial Place, Eltham, is the third instalment in a family-run range of cafes. This means the team truly know how to create the best coffees and mouth-watering and modern delicacies from local and seasonal ingredients from scratch. 

The menu at Third Chapter is broad and exciting, including delicious options such as iced and cold drip coffees, smoothies, fresh juices, burgers, share plates, and salads. They also have extensive choices for a variety of dietary requirements. 

Third Chapter is an awesome choice for those late afternoon cravings and catch-ups, as it is open from early until late. The coffee house also caters for private functions and accepts both bookings and walk-ins. 

You will be well and truly impressed by Third Chapter’s coffee, food, and relaxing and welcoming environment. Three chapters into the world of coffee shops, and they really know their stuff!


  1.   Miss Pryor

When it comes to the highly acclaimed category of Insta-worthy food and coffee, Miss Pryor absolutely fits the bill! Stunning and lovingly crafted meals and drinks await you (and your camera) at 1 Pryor Street, Eltham.

The appeal of Miss Pryor’s menu is not skin deep, however. The flavour and nutrition their dishes possess will have you satisfied long after you put down your knife and fork, and the coffee will have you coming back time after time.

Miss Pryor’s menu is extensive, varied, and absolutely delicious. It includes vegan and vegetarian dishes and drinks and fantastic options for many dietary requirements. And what better words are there for a coffee fanatic to read than all-day breakfast?!

From iced coffee and espressos to smoothie bowls and burgers, you will be devouring (and hash-tagging) Miss Pryor’s delights as often as possible! You can even bring along your gorgeous pooch to enjoy the relaxing outdoor setting with you.


  1.   The Main Café 

The team at Main Café, 5/906 Main Road, Eltham, takes just as much pride in the food and drinks they offer as the atmosphere they create and the service they provide. And trust us, the results are clear.

With stunning and vibrant interior design and tasteful, modern décor, the vibe of this coffee house is relaxed, with informal dining and an emphasis on comfort. The comprehensive and internationally-inspired drinks and food menus are fantastic, and the friendly staff go above and beyond to make sure your visit is enjoyable and memorable. What’s more, the coffee is amazing. 

The Main Café is also a great place to hold events and parties, with groups of up to 60 people being catered for, including the option of a special set menu. 


  1.   Platform 3905

Jump aboard the coffee train at 965 Main Road, Eltham, for one of the best coffees you’ll ever have!

Whether you are in transit via Eltham Station or in for a long-haul catch-up with friends, this coffee house will have you feeling happy you stopped by. Actually, any (loco)motive that has you pulling in at Platform 3905 will do it! 

The welcoming team is right on track when it comes to serving delicious food and drinks and providing fabulous service. With fresh, local ingredients and premium coffee beans, this coffee shop has an awesome track record of high-quality, tasty sustenance! 

Don’t be derailed by second-rate coffee. Take the express espresso train to Platform 3905! 


  1.   Pierross Eltham

Did someone say coffee martini? Don’t mind if we do!

When Pier, owner and chef of Pierross, created this stunning café in 2011, he brought with him a desire to share his love of smooth coffee and Italian food with Eltham residents and visitors. His passion truly fills every plate, every coffee cup, and every mouthful at this ‘little Italian corner’ on the corner of Eltham Terrace at 5/9 Dudley Street, Eltham.

Pier and his team are dedicated to serving Eltham the wonders of Italy. From authentic pizza and pasta to an extensive range of antipasto to the perfect pastry accompaniment for your mid-morning coffee (which is a stunning blend that brings flavours unique to Italy right to our doorstep). Pier has been a pastry chef for over thirty years after all, so you know everything you taste is going to be delizioso! 

And did we mention how amazing Italian coffee-enhanced cocktails are (especially after a busy week and served with a wood-fired pizza)?! Buon appetite!


Fill Your Coffee Cup To The Top At Eltham’s Best Coffee Houses

We believe a great coffee house forms the foundations of a great life.  

Are we being over the top? Maybe. 

But as the characters of Friends have taught us, having a favourite local hang-out that serves fantastic coffee really can be life-altering in many ways. And don’t worry, we’re fairly sure these Eltham coffee shops rarely have renditions of Smelly Cat playing.

The fantastic cafes we have shared with you on our coffee house crawl are valued venues in Eltham, and we know you won’t be disappointed no matter which you visit. We look forward to seeing you there!