When you hear the word ‘Christmas’, what do you think of? Early mornings, time with loved ones, decorations, presents… and food. Lots and lots of delicious food! For countless Australians, Christmas Day involves some of the biggest family feasts they ever have to manage! While you’re eating it, you love it. While you’re organising and cooking it, however, the stress can be almost unmanageable.

But don’t let yourself get overwhelmed this year! Sometimes, food shopping can slip our minds as we frantically prepare for all the other Christmas demands. The last thing you need is to finally tick off all your gift lists just to realise that you’re a week out of the big day without any food supplies. Everything you need for an exceptional Christmas Day meal is right here in Eltham, ready for you to purchase!

Continue reading as we break down the perks of supporting your local suppliers, why you should get started as soon as possible, and where the best spots in Eltham are for festive food shopping.

Why You Should Shop Locally This Christmas

Why do so many people tend to travel outside of their neighbourhood to do their shopping? Sometimes, it’s just a force of habit. Other times, it can be a misguided assumption that big-chain supermarkets and commercial shopping centres are the only places to find what you need at an affordable price. That couldn’t be more wrong! Small, local businesses can often offer high-quality products at a surprisingly affordable price, and you get to save precious petrol money.

But, above all else, the reason to shop in Eltham is to support your local economy. After the challenges of recent years, it is more important than ever to help strengthen your community. As we enter the season of giving, why not support those in your area? Eltham boasts a wide variety of traditional and artisanal grocery stores and delis. Whatever you need this Christmas, from fresh meat to desserts, can all be found right in the heart of Eltham. Why put up with the busy crowds and loud shopping centres when everything is right at your doorstep?

Start Sooner Rather Than Later

One of the best tips we can offer this December is to get started on all your Christmas shopping as soon as you can. That’s not just about presents, either. Every year, shopping for food becomes more and more of a race. This year, stores have probably had their Christmas pre-orders available from the first of November! Waiting until even a couple of weeks before Christmas is extremely risky.

The sooner you start, the more you can relax. By stopping by your local butchers and bakeries to see about their Christmas order availability, you give yourself the gift of peace of mind. Our advice is to plan out your full catering plan early, break down everything you need, and pre-order everything you possibly can.

Nobody likes a last-minute rush. So why not remove all that stress from the festive season altogether?

The Best Eltham Shops for Christmas Food Shopping

Bakers Delight

Bakers Delight has been serving Australians since 1980, and their exceptional products and service have led them to become an international staple for freshly baked goods. Their Eltham store is in a convenient location, making it easier than ever to get all the delicious goods for an amazing Christmas. Visit today to order the bread, pastries, cakes, buns, and savoury treats you could possibly need this December.



Brents Patisserie

This family-run business has over three decades of experience in the baking industry. By shopping at Brents Patisserie, you can select your Christmas desserts from an extensive range of freshly baked cakes and pastries – all prepared in-store! Your festive celebrations can be made extra special with their sweet treats and delicious delights. Their products are of the highest quality at an extremely competitive price. Plus, they are proud to serve the local Eltham community.

Eltham Deli

Finger foods, entrees, breakfasts, mains, desserts – there is an awful lot to cater for over the Christmas season. With a range of local and international delights in stock, Eltham Deli can provide you with a lot of key catering essentials this December. Purchase all the dips, breads, preserved foods, meats, and deli classics you could need this year. Their friendly team of experts will be able to help you find everything you need for a delicious Christmas Day.

Eltham Gourmet Poultry and Game

Fine meats and roasts are a classic part of a great Christmas meal. Eltham Gourmet Poultry and Game can provide plenty of fresh and free-range poultry goods. Select from their range of traditional chick cuts, sausages, marinated chicken, and much more for a simple and tasty Christmas Day option. With premium produce and exceptional service from a friendly team, you won’t regret choosing this local provider.

Harvest Eltham

Looking for a grocery store to supply all your produce, meats, and baked goods? Harvest Eltham has become a popular local spot for a reason, specialising in fresh and locally sourced products. Their delicious and healthy options include plenty of vegan and gluten-free options, ensuring you can cater to all your guests. Shop their top-quality products, including organic fruits and vegetables, artisanal cheeses, and locally-made jams and preserves.

Fergusson Plarre Bakehouse

Since all the way back in 1901, Fergusson Plarre Bakehouse has been serving up scrumptious cakes, sweets, and savoury goods for Australian families. As a family owned and operated business, your celebration cakes and festive desserts will be provided by some of the finest bakers in Eltham. Make your Christmas Day one to remember by serving up something from this beloved local staple.

Fine Fruits of Eltham

If you’re looking for premium produce, Fine Fruits of Eltham is the way to go. Their colourful range of fresh fruits and vegetables has positioned them as a leading local provider in Eltham. With seasonal produce sourced from all across Australia, you can pack your Christmas fruit platters and roast vegetables with the finest produce available.

Old Evropa Bakery

Located just inside the Eltham Village Shopping Centre, Old Evropa Bakery has become a popular spot for Eltham locals to experience authentic European flavours. You could elevate your Christmas meals to the next level by bringing their breads, pastries, savoury goods, and delicious desserts to the table. Plus, everything they make uses local organic ingredients and traditional baking methods. The taste will speak for itself@

Organic Fix

 Make your Christmas 100% organic. Organic Fix in Eltham provides premium organic wholefoods and produce. You can buy bulk fresh food, from all the key essentials to specialty products – making your Christmas meal tastier and healthier than ever. With plenty of vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free options, you’ll be able to cater to anyone with the help of Organic Fix.

Sage Bulk Wholefoods

Formerly known as Thrive, Sage Bulk Wholefoods can give you all your essential basics this Christmas. Shop by the scoop on nearly 500 top-quality wholefoods and ingredients. This includes nuts, dried fruit, flour, grains, pulses and beans, herbs, spices, teas, and much more. These organic choices are provided with zero plastic, and this store’s environmentally friendly approach makes wise shopping easier than ever. Bring your own container into the store, or else use their provided paper bags to bring home all your healthy ingredients this December.

Find More Eltham Stores for Your Festive Essentials

The places you choose to shop this festive season can have a significant impact. Pour back into your local community by choosing to visit some of the top-quality businesses in your area. Not only can you save money on some excellent deals, but you can fill your Christmas dining table with some of the highest-quality products on the market. What could be better?

If you’ve got other Christmas needs that the above stores can’t provide, there are plenty more options readily available in your area. As Eltham has continued to expand over the years, the range of businesses in the neighbourhood has become more extensive than ever. All your presents, homewares, and decorations can all be sourced right in Eltham – you just need to find the right shop! Check out the Eltham business directory to explore more of Eltham’s hidden gems. With all your shopping in order, you’ll be set up for the most stress-free Christmas of your entire life!