Top Cheap Book Shops To Visit In Eltham

We can’t think of many things we would rather do than spend time in a book shop. Afterall, we believe book shopping is a separate hobby to reading. Agreed?

The smell of the books, slowly making your way up and down the rows, and chatting to friendly, like-minded people to get book recommendations can bring joy even on the hard days. It’s therapeutic, fun, and inspiring. 

And the added bonus? Book shopping means you can add to that endless to-be-read pile to feed your other hobby – reading!

Finding cheap bookstores to explore is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Whether that be independent bookstores with great discounts, second hand bookshops, or an amazing selection in an op shop, it can really feel like you’ve hit the jack pot when you discover your next read at a bargain price, while also supporting a small business.

That is why we have created a list of the top cheap book shops in Eltham! Whether you’re a resident or visiting the area, you’re sure to enjoy your time browsing these fantastic spots, and with any luck, your bedside pile of books will continue to grow to a dangerous height!

 Eltham Bookshop 

This bookstore really feels like a haven from the busy world. Step inside this peaceful space to be greeted with shelves full of interesting reads and lovely staff who make it feel like you’re chatting books with a friend. 

Eltham Bookshop has an awesome selection. From classics to sci-fi, from politics to comedies, from graphic novels to nature writing, and many genres in between, there is really something for everyone. They have a huge children and YA range too, and games, puzzles, toys, and vouchers, so it’s a great place to bring the family or go to for gifts.

What’s more, they have a match makers service! How fabulous is that?! Forget dating apps – sign us up! All you have to do is share some of your reading preferences and what you are in the mood for, and they will be in touch with a great variety of book recommendations. 

Eltham Bookshop has been helping the local community find the perfect book for over two decades, so you know the passionate, bookish bunch will help make your visit memorable and successful! They also have online shopping options for those times when you cannot make it into the shop.

You can find Eltham Bookshop at 970 Main Road, Eltham.

Streamline Publishing 

Streamline Publishing was born from pure passion. Cathy Oliver, owner and publisher, was inspired during the height of the Covid pandemic to create a place that allowed her to share the books she had been discovering and working on through her home-based editing and publishing services. 

Cathy was inspired by true life stories of humanity and a desire to bring these beautiful books to the hands of the local community and beyond. The store is now an expanding hub for children and adult books with a focus on books that carry important meaning and messages. 

If you are after a truly enlightening and engaging experience and read, pop into Streamline Publishing and explore the treasures that await.

You can find Streamline Publishing at 22 Commercial Place, Eltham.

Brotherhood of St. Laurence Op Shops 

The local op shop is always going to be a great place to look for affordable books. And not only do they hold the wonders of a cheap bookstore, they can also provide a place for you to pick up some other pre-loved pieces, such as clothing and bric-a-brac. 

Eltham’s Brotherhood of St. Laurence Op Shop offers some great finds while supporting the community, sharing their profits towards the ongoing work of improving poverty in specific areas of Australia. They have been selecting the best finds on offer for over twenty years, and all the volunteers love doing what they do, so it’s a lovely place to spend some time.

You can find Brother of St, Laurence Op Shop in Eltham Mall, 10-18 Arthur St, Eltham. 

The Little Things in Life

Bringing a unique selection of books to the local community, The Little Things in Life stocks books that complement the other meaningful products on offer in the stylish store. With the shop’s emphasis on the home, body, and soul, the books you will find here are beautiful, inspiring, and informative. The family team is particular when it comes to choosing what they sell, ensuring a special array is on offer. From guidance on home décor, self-help, health improvement, recipes, and sustainable living, you will be able to find the perfect pick me up for you or a loved one. They also have online shopping options.

You can find The Little Things in Life at 1032 Main Road Eltham 3095.

Find A New Favourite At Eltham’s Great Cheap Book Shops!

Eltham is known for its green spaces, great eating places, and friendly atmosphere, which make for a great combination when it comes to reading! Visit one of the cheap bookstores in the area, select a book perfect for you at a great price, and then settle down to read in a relaxing spot in nature with something delicious after an exciting session of book shopping!

Now, please excuse us – after exploring the bookstores that Eltham has to offer, we have some reading to do!