Where To Find The Best Burgers In Eltham 

Burgers must be right up on there on the reasons for living, right? 

Soft yet crispy buns. Succulent patties. Fresh salad, cheese, and sauces. What could be better? Oh, a side of chips? Yes, we absolutely agree!

We believe burgers are in another realm when it comes to food. Whether they are gourmet, simple, veggie, meat, double, triple, greasy, or healthy burgers, some days (most days, really), it takes a lot to beat a burger. The world truly is a better place because of burgers. Come on, you know we’re right!

Because we want the world to be great and your life to be fabulous, we have made our way through Eltham to pick out the cafes, restaurants, and shops that make the best burgers in town. We know it was a major sacrifice and a huge thing to take on, but we did it for you!

So, whether you believe pickles deserve a spot in burgers (they do), you’re after vegan or food intolerance-friendly options, or you want all the extra trimmings stacked high to the sky, we have you covered when it comes to finding the best burger in Eltham!

Pattysmiths Premium Burgers

When we think about Pattysmiths Premium Burgers, we think of their patties with their trademark golden crust and their signature crunch. Pattysmiths use a custom-built cast iron hot plate so that each one is cooked perfectly and consistently. Craving their hand-pressed patties (yes, handmade on the premises) is truly something near impossible to ignore. What’s more, the burger buns combine perfectly to make the ultimate feast.

Pattysmiths Premium Burger concretes its brilliance by using only Aussie ingredients, not only supporting local companies and farmers but ensuring fresh and delicious ingredients. From their signature Wagyu and Angus beef patties to their friend chicken burger to their plant patty burger, you are sure to find something that grabs your taste buds’ attention. 

And don’t overlook their Mac & Cheese Royale Burger – we really must recommend it! What a unique and genius concoction – a beef patty, mac and cheese katsu, cheddar cheese, and delicious trimmings, you must step outside the burger box and give it a go! And they don’t forget the little smiths: the kids will love their smaller hamburger option or the crispy chicken pieces. And why not throw in some onion rings and a chocolate malt oreo thickshake?!

You can find Pattysmiths Premium Burgers at Shop 1, 6-20 Luck Street, Eltham. 

The Burger Lounge

The Burger Lounge has a focus on healthy products and using the best quality ingredients without losing a scrap of flavour or juiciness. They want to support families, people on the go, and burger connoisseurs by creating meals that are satisfying, nutritious, and easy. With gourmet, freshly made (never frozen) patties using ingredients such as prime, certified organic beef, rockling, salmon, and sugar-free sourdough paninis baked by traditional artisan bakers (La Madre Bakery), you definitely will leave this burger restaurant with a happy belly, ready to take on the rest of your day.

The amazing menu consists of so many fantastic elements, including gluten-free bread made by Zehnder, a low-carb option served in a fresh San Choi iceberg lettuce cup, and hormone, chemical, preservative and 95% fat-free meat from Gippsland Fresh, which is delivered daily. 

We love their Veggie Delight Burger with its roasted pumpkin, chargrilled capsicum, crumbed zucchini and trimmings, and their All Day Breakfast burger (because how can you go wrong with a free-range egg and tomato relish with your smoked beef patty?!).

You can find The Burger Lounge at 902 Main Road, Eltham.

Third Chapter

At Third Chapter, they know a thing or three about quality food and mind-blowing burgers. The owners have been in the industry for many years and have run two other successful cafes, so you can trust them for awesome food and signature hospitality and service that feels like home. 

Third Chapter use local and seasonal ingredients that elevate their modern menu that is built on passion and creativity. There are so many choices on this amazing menu, and the burger absolutely does not disappoint. Their Peri-Peri Chicken Burger has the perfect combination of chargrilled, free-range chicken, salad and cheese with a house made peri-peri sauce – yes, you read correctly: sauce made from scratch with the right amount of kick and flavour to have you wondering why you’d ever reach for an out-of-the-bottle peri-peri sauce again! 

We also love the soft-shell crab burger, which is made using a squid ink brioche roll and house-made tartar sauce and can recommend the vegan burger too (it even has vegan mayo and matcha bun!).

With a huge selection of delicious food, fresh, local ingredients, and meals lovingly made from scratch, you know you’re in good hands at Third Chapter!

You can find Third Chapter at 26 Commercial Place, Eltham

The Main Café

The Main Café has a great vibe. There is the stylish and vibrant interior and modern décor that create a place that is relaxed and a pleasure to dine in, and the friendly staff always make you feel welcome. Catch up with friends for lunch, have a pick-me-up cuppa, or enjoy dinner and drinks: it’s perfect for that solo moment right through to a special event of up to sixty people.

​Their menu, using fresh, premium-quality ingredients, is wide and varied. From seafood baskets to pasta to pork ribs, they’ve got something delicious to sink your teeth into. But what do we really want to know? How are their burgers?!

We can confirm they are delicious! There’s the grilled Angus Beef Burger with caramelised onion, their secret burger sauce (we have to know the secret, please!) and trimmings served with awesome fries, and the crispy fried chicken burger with bacon, cheese, pickles, mustard, and trimmings. And sure, perhaps it’s technically not a burger, but their steak sandwich looks amazing with fried egg, bacon, caramelised onion, garlic aioli and a host of delicious trimmings! They don’t forget the kids either, with a great cheeseburger and chips.

You can find The Main at 5/906 Main Road, Eltham.

Main Fish And Chips

Lastly, we wanted to add to this list Main Fish and Chips. Sure, we understand if you wonder why. After all, doesn’t a fish and chip specialise in, well, fish and chips and not burgers? We are more than happy to report that the menu boasts its own burger category, and trust us, they don’t get burgers wrong! 

Main Fish and Chips have a surprisingly broad range of burgers. Of course, they serve a mean fish burger with grilled local gummy (where better to get a quality fish burger than a fish shop?!). They also have items such as Hawaiian with bacon and pineapple, vegan and veggie burgers, and a chicken burger. We love the one called The Lot Special. It’s one for when you’re starving, that’s for sure! They also offer dairy and gluten-free options too! They do pickup and delivery, which makes it the perfect place to visit when you’ve got to keep moving or fancy a night on the couch.

You can find Main Fish and Chips at 935 Main Road, Eltham.

Eltham Burgers Make Life Great

As you can see, we love burgers. And we know that you do too – you’re reading this after all! It’s been a tough gig, finding the best burger places for you to visit in Eltham, it really has been. But it was an important job that had to be done, and we just had to oblige!

The burgers at these places really are amazing and are a credit to the beautiful town of Eltham. There is so much dedication poured into making the best burgers possible, from local ingredients to sauces made from scratch. It really does reflect Eltham’s friendly and country feel, one in which good quality, delicious food is of high importance. So, go on – check out these amazing burger restaurants and cafes!