The Christmas and New Year season has come and gone, making it officially time to start thinking about textbooks, school clothes, and stationery.

For parents and kids alike, this time of year can be bittersweet. For parents, on one hand: Hooray, the kids are back in school and I have my time to myself back! On the other hand: Boo, the kids are back in school and I don’t get to spend all day with them anymore. Meanwhile, kids often have varying degrees of excitement mixed with nerves, especially if they’re starting at a new school or making the leap from primary school to high school.

Whatever feelings are in your mixed bag, there’s no delaying the inevitable: You’re going to need back-to-school supplies, so you may as well get them while they’re in abundance! Shops around Australia are beginning to stock their back-to-school necessities, so head into Eltham to get yours before they run out.

This blog shows you where you can get what for all your back-to-school needs in Eltham. See something you like, need, or just plain ol’ want? Head in-store and grab it today!

  1. Australia Post

Australia Post provides much more than just a place for posting and picking up mail. If you’ve ever waited in line to pick up a parcel or mail something overseas, you’ve likely cast your eyes on the fun and practical items surrounding you. Sometimes this leads to impulse buys that end up being some of the greatest purchases you’ve ever made!

At back-to-school time, these items range from printer paper (necessary, but not always so fun) to gel pens and coloured pencils (decidedly more fun!). Australia Post has these and more in spades. Along with stationery items such as paper, pens, scissors, sticky notes, and correction tape, you’ll also find essentials like printer ink and new wireless keyboard and mouse combos to make typing just that little more exciting.

Australia Post also has a great range of laptops, notebooks, and mobile phones for all your tech requirements. If your child’s school requires them to bring their own device, Australia Post has you well and truly covered. Visit them in Eltham at 963a Main Road.

  1. Eltham Footwear, Fitting Specialists

If there’s one thing that all parents across the world can agree on, it’s that kids outgrow their shoes at the speed of light. Even when you buy them in one size up to hopefully make them last a little longer, it never seems to work out! Sandals, sneakers, dress shoes, and— of course— school shoes suddenly don’t fit your growing child like they did last week, so the chances of last year’s school shoes fitting well are pretty slim!

The team at Eltham Footwear are known as the fitting specialists for good reason. They stock leading brands in all types of footwear including school shoes for kids of all ages, whether their school uniform calls for a specific shoe or a more general approach to practical footwear. Their back-to-school shoe sale contains shoes from all the big brands, including Clarks, Ascent, Harrisons, and Biomechanics, making it your one-stop-shop for every student in the family. Plus, with their expert knowledge and advice, you may find your shoes from Eltham Footwear last longer than you expected. What are you waiting for? Get your feet into Eltham Footwear in Eltham Mall on Arthur Street today.

  1. Eltham Newsagency And Toys

Extra, extra! Eltham Newsagency and Toys, at 950 Main Road, is a well-stocked newsagency carrying products for kids of all ages, whether they’re heading back to school, to daycare, or gearing up to spend some quality time with you at home.

The younger ones (and those young at heart!) will have a ball browsing the toy range with its huge selection of quality brands that are as educational as they are fun. While you browse the magazines and gift section, the older kids can pore over the back-to-school stationery new arrivals and pick out their new pens and notebooks for the year. Plus, you can even get your dry cleaning done here too– talk about efficiency!

  1. Kids Of Eltham 

Kids of Eltham is an Eltham staple, known far and wide for their babies’ and kids’ clothing, toys, and gifts. Once all the practical necessities like stationery have been sorted out, here’s where the real fun begins!

Shopping at Kids of Eltham means that your kids will be making a fashionable splash into the new school year. Even when wearing a uniform, there are so many ways for kids to express themselves and their individual personalities. Kids of Eltham is a great place to start, such as with their selection of adorable backpacks adorned with their favourite creatures like dinosaurs, birds, and llamas. You can then fill their backpacks with bento lunch boxes available in a wide range of colours, and add a cute yet functional water bottle that promises no leakage. Imagine opening their backpack at the end of the day to find it perfectly clean— ahh, bliss.

When it’s time for the first birthday party of the year, or another event that doesn’t require them to be in school uniform, Kids of Eltham has the best selection of fun clothing around. Whatever their style, your young’un will find the perfect piece that speaks to them. Give Kids of Eltham a visit today in Eltham Mall.

  1. Sportfirst Eltham

Whatever sport is up their alley, Sportfirst Eltham has the gear for it. Shoes? Check. Tees? Check. Caps? No cap (the kids will tell you that means there actually are caps— I know, it can get confusing). Whether your little one is planning a pro career or simply dipping their toes into a new sport this school year, head to Sportfirst Eltham to deck them out.

Along with clothing and shoes, you’ll also find sporting equipment and accessories such as mouthguards, sports towels, braces, and tape. Got a budding cricketer on your hands? Head to bats, batting gloves, and pads. A netball star in the making? All the accessories you could ever need. Swimmer? Bathers and goggles galore. Whatever they’re into, make sure you head into Sportfirst Eltham located at 20 Arthur St, Eltham (across from Woolworths) to get them ready.

Get Back-To-School-Ready In Eltham Today

Whether you need stationery, clothing, or accessories for back-to-school, Eltham’s got you covered. Say hello to the new school year with a fresh start today!